What are the building blocks that can allow Education to make this happen? What future literacies should all missions and projects include so students and workers are prepared for the future that new technologies are ushering in? 

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FUTURE-U has created a highly-evolved and collaborative continuum that links best-practice ideas about 21st century learning to address the specific meta-skills today's students and workers will need to thrive. It has been designed as a continually refined star-map of the future literacies every learner, student and worker will need to be able to navigate and apply if they are to thrive tomorrow.



Why do students start school with a creativity rating of 100% but finish with 12%, especially when its been identified as one of THE key future skills? A focus on this literacy means students and workers will be able to have the big picture ‘metanoia’ perspective they will need.

> Incorporates open play, curiosity, harnessing failure, resilience, growth mindset and reflection.


Even the most future-shaping ideas need to be planned out, assessed, filtered and considered - this element addresses this by tapping into ‘Agile thinking’ methods that encompass Design Thinking, Problem Solving, the SAMR model, Workflows, BUILD Theory, Self-leadership and more.


Having the best solution or project are great but to truly effect the future and have a lasting impact students and workers need to know how to be a vital member of their community, AND how to have that community support them back. This literacy also covers empathy, collaboration and networking skills, and the essential questions and challenge parts of Challenge Based Learning.


Knowing how to think beyond tomorrow is great, but this needs to be applied and practiced via real life learning experiences that also incorporate entrepreneurial opportunities so students and workers can learn how to make projects self-sustaining with a real impact on their communities.

> Incorporates Challenge Based Learning, Project delivery, Business and Entrepreneur skills.


The best solutions are useless if no one knows about them. Explaining, telling stories, building a brand and sharing in ways that connect with a wider world are the vital next step once projects are up and running.


> Which Literacies are you already across?   > Which Literacies do you and your organisation need to address?

FUTURE-U can run the training experiences you need to bring all five or just one or two of the Future Literacies to your organisation.



Find out about how the 'First on Mars' program delivers a live-action game experience around the Future Literacies HERE.

N.B. The five Future Literacies are being continually refined by our team of experts and verified by a process of peer-review so they can be as relevant as possible. Get in touch if you can help us refine it further.