Students and adults need to be CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVERS.

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But how to get started?

First on Mars is the immersive, evidence-backed training experience to launch learners to mastering the Future Literacies and enterprise skills like innovation, creativity, thinking, project delivery and storytelling - that can set them apart today, and tomorrow as 30-70% of today's jobs disappear over the next 15 years. 

You want your students and staff to create amazing projects? Kickstart their creativity by going to Mars.

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  • LIVE-ACTION GAME SCENARIO with content and outcomes customised to address what your staff, students and organisations need
  • TEACHES SOFT + HARD SKILLS and the mindset needed for learners of all ages and organisations to thrive today and in a very different future
  • BLENDED APPROACH Combines tech like VR, AR and Minecraft with evidence-backed approaches like Agile practices, Design Thinking and Process Drama - and let's you hold a piece of Mars, grow space seeds, hear from a NASA engineer and chat with an Astrobiologist.


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2050. Everyone was so busy planning for survival, they forgot the next step.

By the time 1000 people had settled on Mars, they had managed to solve problems like radiation and food, but had exhausted all their old ideas just at a time when they should have been ready to grow - that’s where YOU come in. What is the first thing Mars needs to become a thriving community?

Possible Themes: 'First School on Mars', 'First Kids on Mars', 'First Sport on Mars', 'First Community on Mars', 'First Business on Mars', 'First Agency on Mars', or 'First _ (insert your org) on Mars'.

The 'future-proof skills' framework behind First on Mars:         

Each level of First on Mars matches to these five future literacies.


  • Huge change across tech, work and society is creating an ‘Age of Transition’ and disruption
  • Learners of all ages and organisations need creative problem solving skills to thrive tomorrow
  • FirstOnMars is the training simulation where the journey to master these skills can begin


MISSIONS OPTIONS:  From 2 HOURS to 2 DAYS, customised for your timetable.

1: BUSINESS Leaders

E.g. First TEAM on Mars, or First _your_org_here_ on Mars: What should the first org like yours look like on Mars?

'Go to Mars and come back knowing how to re-think leadership and what ‘school' needs to be, prep students for age of transition, and gain better personal project planning skills'. 


First SCHOOL or CLASSROOM on Mars: What might learning look like on Mars?

'Skip the early/late adopter divide - Go to Mars and come back knowing how to prep students and self on where to start with tech so teachers and students can all succeed'. 

3: Students

First Kids on Mars: What is the first thing students will dream up so the new community on Mars can thrive? And would this idea work back on earth?

'Go to Mars and come back with the skills needed to succeed in a future, sustainable world by dreaming up what the first projects on mars would need to be'.

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CONTACT us for our overview PDF so you can book a First On Mars mission that's customised for your needs.

N.B. These programs are specially designed to sit on top of and help super-charge your existing efforts.



Jonathan Nalder

Founder, program developer, workshop delivery and community support



Mission and community development and support



*SPECIAL THANKS to Samantha Adams Becker for co-brainstorming the original 'First School on Mars' idea.


WATCH Astrobiologist and Future-U supporting expert Richard Blake talk about what he will do first when he gets to Mars:

WATCH Engineer, Mars-specialist and Performing Artist Niamh Shaw talk about why thinking differently to solve big problems like going to Mars is so important now:


VIEW images from Leadership and Student FirstOnMars sessions: