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FUTURE-U is grateful to the pioneers, experts, mars-shot thinkers, and 'Edunauts' who are helping learners know how to dream up tomorrow and supporting our community. Tap the image at right, and scroll down for more info + links - including who is part of the informal

'Mars Education Alliance',

and those experts featured as our

'Experts in Residence'

who provide amazing exemplars of how to cross-map skills to problem-solve and thrive tomorrow.


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JONATHAN NALDER, Founder and Commander Future-U.org, JNXYZ.Vision. Senior Fellow EdFutures, NMC Ambassador, Apple Distinguished Educator. 
About.me/jnxyz  |  www.JNXYZ.VISION  |  JNXYZ@MAC.COM  | twitter.com/jnxyz                      

ADVISORY BOARD                              

PROFESSOR STEPHEN HEPPELL, UK. Professor at Universidad Camilo José Cela, Professor at Bournemouth University and CEO at  heppell.net  |  twitter.com/stephenheppell 

DR LARRY JOHNSON, USA. CEO, EdFutures. Former CEO NMC, Founder Horizon Report Project. 
twitter.com/LarryJohnsonEdu |  www.Edfutures.org 

GRAHAM BROWN-MARTIN, UK. Edtech Rebel Alliance, Author 'Learning Reimagined', Speaker, Designer & Writer at grahambrownmartin.com, Former Director at Learning Without Frontiers.
www.grahambrownmartin.com  |  twitter.com/GrahamBM 

Brenda Frisk.jpg

BRENDA FRISK, General Manager EON Reality Australia.                                               www.eonreality.com  |  www.linkedin.com/in/brendafrisk 

SAMANTHA BECKER ADAMS, USA. Former Senior Director, Publications & Communications at The New Media Consortium. www.nmc.org  |  www.linkedin.com/in/samanthaadamsbecker 


PETER BISHOP, Exec Director of Teach the Future, retired Associate Professor of Strategic Foresight, University of Houston http://www.teachthefuture.orglinkedin.com/in/peter-bishop-2866257  

MARTIN LEVINS, President ACCE, Manager Principal at Douglas & Brown, Former Director of Information Technology at The Armidale School. acce.edu.au |  twitter.com/martinlevins  

RANGAN SRIKHANTA, Founder and CEO One Education.

STEVE ARMITAGE, Former Children’s Commissioner for Queensland, Former Assistant Director General, Department of Justice Queensland. linkedin.com/in/steve-armitage-4123b192 

KIM FLINTOFF, Learning Futures Advisor at Curtin University. |  twitter.com/kimbowa 
www.linkedin.com/in/kimflintoff  | clt.curtin.edu.au/innovation/innovation_studio.cfm  

tony ryan.jpg

TONY RYAN, Innovator, Educator, Futurist, Author of the Thinkers Keys, Founder of the EarthMovers Foundation. twitter.com/aussietony  |  www.facebook.com/powerfulfutures  | www.thinkerskeys.com  

BRYAN ALEXANDER, Futurist, Speaker, Writer, Teacher, Consultant, Author of The New Digital Storytelling.  twitter.com/BryanAlexander | https://bryanalexander.org 

DR RUBEN PUETENDURA, SAMR model, transformative applications of information technologies to education | Hippasus.comtwitter.com/rubenrp


DANIEL NGO, Founder Entrepreneur Haus, Creator of Opportunities. http://www.entrepreneurhaus.com 


Directly contributing and volunteering regular time:

MICHAEL DERWIN, Director Adepto, Founder Agile Direct. www.adepto.co |  www.agiledirect.com  |  twitter.com/michaelderwin

RHYS CASSIDY, High School Media Teacher, Founder BreakThrU Platform.   medium.com/@rhyscass  |  www.linkedin.com/in/rhys-cassidy   |  twitter.com/rhyscass 

LUCIA ZANOVA, Training and Development Graduate, Social Media Co-Manager at E20.   www.linkedin.com/in/lucia-záňová-106a2471

MR BRUCE LEE, Teacher, School of the Future. QSITE Board Member.                                    brisbanesde.eq.edu.au  |  twitter.com/BruceLeeTeacher                                                               

STEPHEN HURLEY, Educator, Facilitator, Thinker, Broadcaster and Writer.                       twitter.com/Stephen_Hurley  |  www.stephenhurley.ca


LEANNE HANSON, Poet, and English, Film, Media and Diversity (Special Ed) Teacher


Directly contributing to current Missions:                                                                                                                                

VALERIA RODRIQUEZ, Flight Suit Fridays’, teacher, Author, Illustrator, Athlete, USA. twitter.com/GA_ScienceRodva

TOSCA KILLORAN, Level 5 Coordinator, Shekou International Schools China, TEDxYouth.
twitter.com/ToscaKilloran  |  www.toscakilloran.com       

MATT LEE, Primary Teacher, Bulimba State School, Queensland | https://twitter.com/MattLeeTeacher 


STEPHANIE SLADE, Natural Resources Policy Specialist, Australia | https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephanie-slade-11916983 


SABRINA RAVAIL, Germany and Australia. International Community and Marketing Specialist. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sabrinaravail/


Their fields combine expertise in deliciously creative and exemplary ways:

RICHARD BLAKE, Australia. Astro-biologist, University of New South Wales. www.linkedin.com/in/richard-blake-907b6379  |  marsmission173.com/?team=richard-blake 

LUKE JAANISTE, Australia. Curator/Artist at MESMERISM, Artist at Portal and Co-Director at Super Critical Mass.
www.lukejaaniste.com  |  www.facebook.com/mesmerismmm

Jenny Fillipetti.jpg

JENNY FILIPETTI, USA. Imaginer of Alternative Future, Manager Auraria Library Creative Technology Commons, Bio-Artist twitter.com/jennyfilipetti  |  jennyfilipetti.com

NIAMH SHAW, Ireland. STEAM Artist, Engineer, Explorer and Astronaut in Training, Artist in Residence at CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory. NiamhShaw.ie | twitter.com/niamhiepoos 
WATCH: https://youtu.be/wIbImtYbjfg
JOSH RICHARDS, Australia. Author ‘Becoming Martian’, engineer, comedian. twitter.com/Mighty_Ginge | http://joshrichards.space


YOUTH ADVISORS  Caleb J  •  Nicholas  •  Elijah

NICOLA FLANAGAN, Head of Innovation Oakleigh State School, Apple Distinguished Educator, AdvanceQLD Digital Champ, APDL Design Minds Ambassador. twitter.com/nicashgrove 

NATHAN BEVERIDGE,  ICT Professional Development, eLearning, IoT, Robotics in Education Specialist. learntomake.com.au  |  twitter.com/nathanbeveridge 

CHRIS HILLS, Owner SwitchedOnVideo, Final Cut Pro Editor.                                        www.youtube.com/user/icdhills  |  twitter.com/iAmMaccing 

BOB BARBOZA, USA. Director Barboza Space Centre. www.barbozaspacecenter.com  |  kidstalkradioscience.com  |  occupymars.wordpress.com | twitter.com/BobBarboza 

CATHY HUNT, International Arts in Education Advocate, Apple Distinguished Educator. ipadartroom.com  |  twitter.com/art_cathyhunt 

RICHARD WELLS, New Zealand. Teacher, Author of Learner's Paradise book, Dep. Principal.   eduwells.com  |  https://twitter.com/EduWells 

CARL HOOKER, USA. CEO Hookertech, Dr. of Innovation, Godfather of iPadpalooza, Speaker, Author of Mobile Learning Mindset. hookedoninnovation.com  |  ipadpalooza.com |  twitter.com/mrhooker 

SUMMER HOWARTH, Director of Learning Design at Education Changemakers.             educationchangemakers.com  |  twitter.com/EduSum  

Pete Horsley.jpg

PETE HORSLEY, Manager at remarkable.org, Former Manager Cerebral Palsy Alliance. remarkable.org.au  |  twitter.com/inclusive_tech

                LUCIA ANA VARELA, English and History Teacher, Mary McKillop College.

MATT HARRIS, EduTech leader, Teacher, Presenter, Advisor living in Indonesia. ADE, MIE, GCE.  
mattharrisedd.com | twitter.com/mattharrisedd   


OOI CHING YA, Singapore. Assistant Vice President | Culture, Education and New Growth at Singapore Press Holdings. linkedin.com/in/ooi-ching-ya-educatortwitter.com/ooichingya

FRANC GARBELLINI, Solution Architect, Invotec. www.invotec.com.au  |  www.linkedin.com/in/francesco-garbellini-627a9465 

ADAM BELLOW, USA. Co-Founder BreakoutEDU, Board Member, EdCamp, Founder at EduClipper. breakoutEDU.com  |  twitter.com/adambellow 

BRON STUCKEY, Global Consultant Specialist Game Play, Gamification, Communities of Practice & Learning Communities, Warrior Princess at Innovative Educational Ideas, Fellow at ASU Center for Games and Impact. about.me/bronstuckey  |  twitter.com/BronSt

MEGAN POWER, USA. Learning Experience Designer and Teacher at Design39Campus, International Speaker, Top30 CfDE. twitter.com/MPOWERingEDU 

CHUCK SANDY, Japan. Co-Founder / Partner at Edyoufest, Community Director at International Teacher Development Institute (iTDi). twitter.com/chucksandy  |  edyoufest.com  

BHAVNEET SINGH, Principal Consultant, Department of Education Western Australia, TeachMeets Co-ordinator. twitter.com/BhavneetSingh12  

KAREN SWIFT, ACCE ISTE 2014 Award Winner, Teacher at Education Queensland. 

TRACEY ABBOTT, Indonesia. Founder, Leadership Coach & Facilitator at On Purpose Leadership. www.onpurposeleadership.co/tracey-abbott  |  www.linkedin.com/in/tracey-abbott  

EMILY DE LA PENA,  Founder, Coding Kids, Engineer, Entrepreneur.
www.codingkids.com | twitter.com/coding_kids   

IDRISS SISAID, France. CEO & CTO at O'SOL, Entrepreneur and Astronaut Trainee.  www.sisaidriss.com | twitter.com/asteroidriss | linkedin.com/in/asteroidriss/ 

WILL DAYBLE, Founder, The Fitzroy Academy - Social Impact lessons
fitzroyacademy.com  |  twitter.com/willdayble 

ANDREA STRINGER, Professional Learning Coach at Wenona School.

NIKOLAS SIMAT-WINTER, Coordinator of Arethusa College Design and Innovation Centre.  www.instagram.com/subvert.designs | http://subvertdesigns.squarespace.com

DON WETTRICK, USA. Founder CEO of StartEdUp.                                               www.startedupinnovation.com  | twitter.com/DonWettrick

MICHAELA MUSILOVA, Slovakia. European Space Agency (ESA) scholarship winner, Astrobiologist, Chair of the Slovak Organisation for Space
Activities. www.linkedin.com/in/michaela-musilova-2551ba28  | twitter.com/astro_Michaela 
LISA STOJANOVSKI, Science Presenter, Youtuber, Martian Gardener, TMRO Correspondent.
www.linkedin.com/in/lisa-stojanovski-57260a20/  |  twitter.com/LisaStoj

CALEB JAANISTE, School Leaver, Barista, Roadie.

SUE SUTER, Regional Digital Technology Co-ordinator for Catholic Education.      

MARK FINK, Ph. D. , Director of Teaching and Learning with Technology Ithaca College, NY. USA. twitter.com/MarkLFink  

MATTHEW ESTERMAN, Six Ideas Global, TeachMeet Sydney. 
www.linkedin.com/in/mesterman  |   twitter.com/mesterman    


NATALIE WRIGHT, FDIA. Lecturer in Interior Design, QUT Design Lab 'Design Education Research Platform' Lead. https://research.qut.edu.au/designlab/  |  linkedin.com/in/nataliedianewright  

PAUL SIGNORELLI, Writer, Trainer, Instructional Designer, Presenter, Social Media Strategist, Consultant. USA. twitter.com/paulsignorelli | https://buildingcreativebridges.wordpress.com

LISA GUSTINELLI, NMC K-12 Ambassador, Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology, M.A Instructional Technolgy, M.Ed Education, BA Int'l Affairs. USA. twitter.com/lequet1999

JIM VANIDES, B.S.M.E & M.Ed, Senior Fellow, EdFutures.org. USA. Jim.vanides@edfutures.org |  www.linkedin.com/in/jimvanides       

DON DOBLE, Multimedia educator, Int'l speaker, Author, ADE, Making IT Happen, JEA Broadcast Adviser of the Year, PBS Lead Digital Innovator. USA. twitter.com/dgoble2001 | dongoble.com


WILLOW PRYOR, MSF (Strategic Foresight), Futurist - Facilitator - Consultant - Speaker www.facilitatingfutures.comlinkedin.com/in/willow-pryor

MATT CLARK, Brisbane Catholic Education, STEM and Robotics Teacher. 


JULIA PETCHEY, USA. GlobalEdSpace, formally of zSpace, AltSchool, Leapfrog
linkedin.com/in/juliapetchey1  |  twitter.com/globaledspace

ANGELO BARBOSA, Educator, Information Technologist, Musician. Cape Verde. www.linkedin.com/in/angelo-barbosa-539a7a32  |  sondisantiagu.blogspot.com.au

DAMIEN TAYLOR, Illustrator, Deputy-Principal. 


GISELLE SANTOS, Brazil. Head of Innovation, Culture Inglesa. linkedin.com/in/giselle-santo


TERESA BERNADICH, Explora Aprende, Spain. Coordinator Woman50. linkedin.com/in/teresa-bernadich



TÜLAY ONDER, International Educator, Turkey, Peace Tree project. twitter.com/tulaying


KRISTINE HOLLOWAY, Mars Generation Founding Member, Year 6 Teacher and STEM advocate, Canada. linkedin.com/in/kristine-holloway | twitter.com/mspaperless



ENTREPRENEUR HAUS . EntrepreneurHaus.com


AGILE DIRECT . AgileDirect.com

EDFUTURES . Edfutures.org


NMC  NMC.org

MESMERISM Inc  facebook.com/mesmerismmm


BREAKTHRU  facebook.com/breakthruapp

VOICED RADIO https://voiced.ca 

BARBOZA SPACE CENTRE  barbozaspacecenter.com/about.html 

More info on additional pioneers and the amazing projects they represent coming soon...



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