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There are several ways you can 'try before you buy' JNXYZ training by viewing or downloading examples from Jonathan's numerous training and speaking sessions.



Drawing on exclusive snippets of footage and interviews with Dr Ruben and links to the research behind SAMR, Jonathan has created an introductory course that will connect you to the source of what has made SAMR such a widely used model, as well as give you practical ways to begin to apply it in your context. Access it at the NMC Academy here.




Citizen Science with mobile devices

cScience enables anyone to contribute locally-collected data to empower both communal and global science research. Jonathan has previously run an introductory course on cScience for the Hewlett-Packard Catalyst Academy. To find out more and how it can be empowered by mobile devices, contact Jonathan today.



This startup aims to be a local, Brisbane-based and education-focused version of the G20 (yes, we believe education is that important). We aim to find out what happens when up to 20 innovative thinkers gather to meet, talk and listen… for 60-90 minute gatherings that dare to thrash out the future of education and how to make it better.

Is Education as important as economics? Can diverse educational minds working together create surprises? Can the solutions we need to make Education better be found?

If you answered yes to these, then you are a prime candidate for E20. It’s a mind-space startup with the goal of making education better, one gathering at a time. Visit to learn more and find out about how to share your story of best education practice.

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This site is Jonathan's long-standing 2009-2014 blog covering current and future issues effecting Education. It has a particular focus on mobile learning and developments that are leading towards a truly ubiquitous learning environment. Head to to read the latest post.


Short, sharp 'Appcessory' Reviews + News for fellow geeks, educators and parents.
Appcessories are App and Accessory combo devices - where an add-on for an iPad or iPhone has been specifically engineered to interact with a matching app to provide new functionality not otherwise possible. is proud to be a part of a network of other supportive sites such as,,,, and


iBook: 'The iPad is not a PC'


Description: "The iPad is not a PC. As obvious as that sounds, if the only computer you've ever used was mainly a box on a desk, or ran a desktop operating system with a physical keyboard attached, its only natural that the ways you attempt to use a new device will be dictated by the old paradigm. Instead of just sticking with such an approach, Apple Distinguished Educator Jonathan Nalder has created this book to look at the different ways that the PC and iPad have been designed to work. The book then details new ways that the iPad can be used for creating workflows, rather than just work, to help readers maximise their iPad investment." 

'The iPad is not a PC' has reached number one on the Australian Technology eBook charts, and been featured by the @iBooks twitter account. Download for your iPad HERE.